Hello!  For me, Sotari takes the place of a mid-afternoon snack, and that's why I love it. Blended with cold water, it's crisp and refreshing and it gives me the energy boost I used to get from carbs. Plus, it curbs my appetite so I can make it all the way to dinner. Forget energy drinks or diet colas, Sotari is the best of both. -Lara R.
I'm writing to tell you how much I love your Sotari Active Trimming Beverage. I have been using it religiously for the past 6 months. Not only do I like the taste but I love the results. I'm convinced that this product raises my metabolism since occasionally I eat too much of bad food and have not gained any weight. I use it daily as part of my weight loss program and have lost over 10 lbs. I have another 10 to go and know Sotari will help me achieve my goal. Thank you for making this wonderful, great tasting, weight control product available. -Joanne L.
The SOTARI product was just what I needed for my lack of energy. It has no sugar and is perfect for my diet of high protein and low-carbs. I have made SOTARI a part of my daily routine. I use it at least twice a day and it helps me so much with my energy and just taking that edge off so I don't want to grab the chips at that 4:00 hour when you really get that "I need something now" feeling. -Cindy H.
Hi I am writing to tell you that my son who is 11 has been taking Sotari for a month now and loves it. He says it definitely stops his cravings for sugar. He has had weight issues for 5 years and we have tried so many things, but they really never worked. This time he is taking Sotari along with a conjunction of others things given by his bariatric doctor and the results are tremendous. He is losing weight but more importantly he is loosing inches and body fat %. He is so excited about this and it is very motivational for him to keep going. It is life changing. He loves the mango flavor of Sotari and it is easy to use as it comes in a packet that u pour into water. It's just fantastic! -Randi R.
Hello, I am writing to let you know how excited I am with your Sotari product. It keeps me energized but best of all I go for hours without being hungry. It tastes GREAT and I keep it in my water bottle at all times. Before I took this product I was hungry all the time. Thanks so much! -Doris L.
I’ve found Sotari to be an excellent addition to my weight management effort. Not only does it taste really good, it provides me with just the right amount of energy during the day. It's easy to mix with water and take to work, the gym, on hikes, and at home. -Eric M., National Sales Manager TV / Phoenix, AZ
I keep SOTARI with me at the office. It helps quiet the little cravings to eat that pop up through the day. I used to use lemon with my water. Now I add a packet to my drinking water to add a little flavor. It tastes great! SOTARI is a perfect mix of flavor and healthy goodness. The week was pretty good. No bad events to report, and I actually did great at the company Christmas party following just the method that we worked out. -Brian B.
Hey Doc I had to write to say thanks... those SOTARI drinks really rock… it helps me get through those tough times of hunger and suppresses the growling in my gut... it works great... you have a winner here. -Cory S., Senior Associate, NAI Capital
I really look forward to my hit of SOTARI, when that famous afternoon slump starts to creep in. That's my vulnerable time for eating the wrong snacks. It gives me just the right boost to keep my stamina going to the end of the day, curbs my cravings for snacks & gets fluids in me all at the same time. -Karen H.
SOTARI is totally different! I empty one packet in a bottle of chilled water, give it a good shake, and sip it slowly, savoring each sip. I always feel energized after drinking SOTARI, and the energy stays with me all afternoon. It’s not a sugar-buzz kind of energy that leaves you feeling even more tired later. Instead, it gives me is a very even-keeled, steady sort of energy. -Mary S., Writer and Editor, Los Angeles
I can drink it and know that it won't hurt my tummy and that I am getting the benefit of vitamin B complex and keeping myself properly hydrated. I truly prefer the energy I get from SOTARI to any other drink I have tried. It has already helped me with obtaining my weight loss goals. I really love it. -Susan R.
As a frequent diet soda drinker, I often felt bloated and dehydrated because I would choose diet sodas rather than water. SOTARI leaves me more refreshed and seems to satisfy my afternoon craving for something sweet. I enjoy drinking it, therefore I consume more of the liquid required for overall health and hydration. I am very pleased to have found this refreshing alternative to diet soda. -Darlene C.
I love Sotari! The fresh sweet fruity flavor is a terrific pick-me-up between meals. I feel satiated after a glass of Sotari on ice. It fills me up and stops me from snacking between meals. -Beth S.
Sotari helps "save the day" for me. In between meals, when my hunger pangs rear their ugly head, I reach in my purse for a Sotari pack, pour it in my water, and bingo ... my hunger is abated and I have more energy. I love the convenience of it too! -Susi
The fact that SOTARI has no calories or carbs is amazing... By the way, my own trainer is using it now too. He keeps asking me for more from my box. He needs his own supply! -Marty H.
Finally, an appetite suppressant that actually tastes great and gives me energy! I can't believe its sugar free and no calories - it's amazing! It's so satisfying and helpful! Thanks for all! -Nicole
I am a Nurse Practitioner and plan to incorporateSotari into my program with my patients who need weight loss and lifestyle modification. Thank you so much for this wonderful product! -Yvonne E.B., RN, MSN, ACNP,CNS
I've been using Sotari in my bariatric practice since its introduction. The patient response has been fantastic with patients reporting: decreased appetite/cravings and more energy. Some of the patients have reported a mild nausea but not enough to stop using the product. I'm also using it with anorectic drug therapy which is leading to a synergistic effect. -Stuart I.E., MD
This drink has done wonders for me. I feel a healthy perk and I really have no desire to snack, nor over eat at meal time. Plus the flavor is so, so refreshing. Bottom line SOTARI ROCKS!!!!!! -Beth H.G.
"Weight loss is not commensurate with suffering" is something that I remind myself of often. Thank you for the simple approach of this program. I am determined to continue my goal of optimum health. The shakes and Sotari (I love adding a half of lime on ice) are not only drinkable, but enjoyable. I have not tired of them and in fact, look for to "filling up" in the afternoons in particular when I tend to get the desire to eat. This program works, one day at a time-even one hour at a time if necessary-it is a win-win program and process. I am learning to be in control of what has given me my greatest grief-added weight. Here’s to all of you! -Brian & Susan G.Y.
Sotari tasted great and it blocked my desire for late afternoon snacking. -Victoria R.
Chris: You get the "Most Awesome Ever" customer service award! Many thanks!-Dena