Mango Peach

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Product Description


SOTARI is the new way of doing the old business of dieting. It’s easy. It tastes good. It doesn’t take any time and doesn’t take any energy beyond stirring up this delicious blend in a half liter of water. It doesn’t get any easier. Combined with simple exercise program and sensible eating patterns, SOTARI will help you lose weight effortlessly. We have MD’s behind us, we have food science technology behind us, we have physiologists and personal trainers behind us. We mean business when it comes to the business of losing weight and keeping it off. When you are tired of all the other diet products that do not work, come try SOTARI. SOTARI really works. If you can’t lose weight, you can try SOTARI. If you are too busy to attend Weight Loss Classes, you can do SOTARI. You need hydration for weight loss and you need certain nutrients for weight loss. SOTARI will provide both hydration and the needed nutrients to make this happen. People who try SOTARI keep coming back. They come back because SOTARI really works.

Mango Peach is a Convenient Diet Mix with delightful blend of natural Mango and Peach flavors. This SOTARI Active Trimming Beverage Blend provides a Refreshing fruity diet drink that Boosts your Metabolism, quenches your thirst and energizes your body. SOTARI helps you avoid the frustration that comes with so many failed diets because it is easy and effortless. Simply consume the SOTARI dissolved in water and you will become hydrated, energized, with nutrients that enhance your metabolism to trigger the weight losing process. Whether you want to lose just a few pounds or quite a few pounds, SOTARI is at the ready to assist and change the way you look at dieting and weight loss. SOTARI is different. SOTARI is a new way of weight loss for the future. You need not overdo SOTARI. Just 2 packets a day, ideally once in the morning and once at noon or right after lunch is fine. SOTARI is the perfect beverage with your lunch or afternoon snack. See how much better you will feel right before your afternoon workout using SOTARI.

SOTARI is the first Active Diet Drink Mix Product activated by water that works with your body to help you lose weight. SOTARI contains natural Hoodia to curb your appetite. And, metabolic boosters to burn calories faster than normal. So, with every refreshing bottle of water with SOTARI mixed in, you’re helping yourself trim down. Why drink passive beverages when you can enjoy refreshing SOTARI … a convenient diet mix.

TO: Educated women and men 18-65 who feel they need to lose excess pounds
SOTARI IS THE: Refreshing, MD designed, scientifically developed, Hoodia-enhanced, Weight-Loss Water
WHICH: Suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism naturally
SO THAT: you can lose weight, look good and feel healthy


  • All natural
  • Vitamin enhanced
  • No preservatives
  • No Carbs
  • No Calories
  • No Sugar
  • No Color Added
  • Body-Friendly
  • Convenient Diet Mix

User Profile

  • Needs to lose excess pounds
  • Not overly obese
  • Drinks bottled water
  • Knows this will not replace other healthy changes they must make and thinks of SOTARI as an addition to their weight loss program and/or uses this diet drink for weight maintenance


  • SOTARI is a tool to help boost metabolism, decrease appetite, all of which can help one lose weight more easily.
  • SOTARI is not a meal replacement product. SOTARI is a diet drink mix that contains caffeine and as such should not be used by caffeine-sensitive individuals or children.


Pour contents of 1 packet (2.6 g) into a 16.9 oz. (500 ml) of cold water and stir until dissolved.

Suggested Use

2-3 packets daily with water, per directions, in the morning or afternoon. Contains caffeine. Do not exceed 3 packets of Sotari diet drink mix in a 24 hour period.

Additional Information

Weight 1.8 oz