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Green Tea extract is effective for Weight loss. Green tea extract is in all SOTARI products. Green tea extract in SOTARI’s unique and Effective Weight Loss Blend work synergistically to increase the metabolic rate. An increased metabolism is one key factor to sustained weight loss. Without a faster metabolism, weight loss is a battle. SOTARI delivers the key to sustained, dependable weight loss by delivering a blend with multiple safe, non-drug ingredients that sustain weight loss via metabolic increase as well as helping to quell desires to consume unneeded calories. SOTARI’s Lemon and Green Tea Weight Loss Mix. Same great SOTARI formula with real green tea and lemon. SOTARI will allow you to stop feeling like a failure with diets and start being a success by steadily losing weight without a lot of frustrating effort.

This Weight Loss Tea’s flavor is sugar-free, calorie-free, and carbohydrate-free, as with other SOTARI Tea flavors. SOTARI will become one of your favorite beverages due to good taste and refreshing flavors plus the added bonus of helping burn calories, thus pounds. You will feel better using the SOTARI Active Trimming Beverage Blend. SOTARI your go-to weight loss companion.

Fact Sheet

  • Green Tea Weight Loss Mix contains highest quality of Hoodia Gordonii, the natural appetite-suppressing herb. Hoodia works yet it must be the highest quality Hoodia, such as that used in the SOTARI product. Not all Hoodia products are the same. SOTARI uses fresh, aerial Hoodia, which is the best, most effective kind.
  • Is free from any coloring, natural or artificial. SOTARI does not contain drugs or artificial ingredients yet does contain an active elixir to sustain slow and steady weight loss.
  • A Diet Tea Mix that is easy to carry in pocket, purse, travel bag or briefcase. You will like the convenience of SOTARI. SOTARI is so light-weight and compact that you can carry it anywhere and use it anytime you can drink water. SOTARI is the easiest possible way to lose weight without effort.
  • Is naturally flavored with pleasant mango peach and white peach flavor and also green tea with lemon flavor. Great tasting Green Tea Weight Loss Mix that makes a satisfying beverage alternative anytime. Both flavors of SOTARI are equally effective at helping you lose weight. It is the same formula, no matter which flavor you choose.
  • Dissolves immediately when stirred into water, cold or warm. May be served over ice, or hot for a warm beverage. SOTARI is delicious when chilled but also make a great tea-like beverage when dissolved then served hot. You can microwave the product and have a hot beverage if preferred.
  • Free of preservatives and chemicals. Made in the USA.
  • Is simple to use; simply tear open packet and pour powdered blend into a bottle (1/2 liter or approximately 17 oz.) or glass. Stir the SOTARI blend completely in the water then enjoy!
  • Contains a full blend of the Vitamin B Complex for added energy and health-giving benefits.
  • Contains metabolic boosters such as L-Carnitine and EGCG effective in any forward-thinking Weight Loss Tea program. SOTARI is a safe blend, yet very cutting edge for weight loss, which should not be so difficult. Take the stress and strain out of losing weight and try SOTARI.
  • Scientifically designed and medically inspired, this state of the art blend addresses: appetite suppression, hydration, nutritional well-being—a combination lacking in other similar products on the market. There are so many disappointing diet and Weight Loss Products on the market that do not help one lose weight. SOTARI does help in weight loss. SOTARI is designed with all issues involving weight loss. SOTARI works; we know SOTARI works because our customers keep coming back for more and do not want to go without it.
  • Extremely positive results from ongoing clinical trials.
  • Weight loss never tasted this good! SOTARI is the answer to the question: How can I avoid fads and really lose the weight? How can I help myself to lose weight without having to take drugs or get a prescription? SOTARI is the answer.

All of this with NO Sugar, NO Carbs, NO Calories…NO Kidding.

SOTARI Active Trimming Beverage Blend weight loss Tea products make for a trimmer you.


Pour Contents of 1 packet (2.6 g) into a 16.9 oz. (500 ml) of cold water and stir until dissolved.

Suggested Use

2-3 packets daily with water, per directions, in the morning or afternoon. Contains caffeine. Do not exceed 3 packets in a 24 hour period.

Additional Information

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