SOTARI is the leading Active Trimming Beverage Blend®

The proprietary blend in SOTARI is nutritionally engineered to help you trim excess weight. It was scientifically designed and engineered by a beverage and food technologist and inspired by a medical doctor specializing in weight loss and eating disorders. Their goal was to create a beverage that would help curb the appetite, and enhance metabolic fat burning in a satisfying and refreshing drink.

The result is SOTARI. For several years, ongoing clinical trials have generated extremely positive results with patients who have followed a realistic diet and have used SOTARI regularly as a tool to expedite weight loss.

The Sotari product was developed by Christina Hurn, M.S., a food technologist with 30 years in nutritional beverage and food product development. Hurn created the unique formula for Sotari to fill those needs. Because it is highly soluble, Sotari is quickly and easily assimilated into the digestive system for maximum effectiveness.

SOTARI features a variety of natural ingredients designed to reduce carbohydrate cravings enhance stamina, and provide a sense of fullness during weight loss. It actively maintains hydration – essential when caloric intake and fluids are reduced. This helps dieters boosts metabolism, maintain energy and keep a positive attitude.